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This website uses cookies to continuously improve its visitors’ experience. Cookies can directly enhance such experience, e.g. by remembering the choice of language or other specific settings, so that the information appearing on your screen during your next visit is tuned in to your preferences. In addition, certain cookies provide statistical information about the use of the website, e.g. identifying the most popular sections thereof, since they allow to know which pages are visited and how much time visitors spend browsing them. On the basis of these aggregated data, the website can be adjusted to better reflect your preferences and offer a more customer-oriented experience. Finally, cookies may facilitate certain third-party applications, such as social media network connections, and hence allow you to use certain additional features, e.g. ‘like’ something on facebook, ‘tweet” something via Twitter, etc.

What are cookies ?

Cookies are small text files that your browser installs on your computer and that enable the Website to recognize you upon your visit. It consists of a unique number and can hence distinguish you from other visitors, but it does not contain any personal details. This means that Blåkläder cannot identify you personally on the basis of such cookies, nor identify you when you visit third-party websites.

How we obtain your informed consent

Upon accessing Blåkläder’s website for the first time, you will be prompted to accept the use of cookies and you will be shown a link to this cookies policy for further information. The notification banner will no longer appear on your screen on future visits to the website, but the option to remove cookies or withdraw your consent to use cookies altogether will remain open to you via the settings of your internet browser (see below under ‘objection’).


It is possible to configure your browser in such a way that it allows or refuses the use of cookies or informs you every time a cookie is sent. Because not all browsers are alike, we advise you to consult the Help menu of your browser to know how you can delete cookies and/or (re)adjust your cookie preferences for the future. You may also withdraw your consent by sending an email to in this regard. Note, however, that disabling cookies may sometimes prevent you from having an optimal use of the website. Blåkläder does not exchange cookies with websites of third parties or external suppliers of data, with the exception of third parties working directly with Blåkläder to provide website services.

What data are gathered for which purposes ?

When you visit the website, Blåkläder can automatically collect the following technical information (which cannot identify you): your operating system and browser type, the domain name of another website that you used to get access to the website, the time and duration of your visit, which pages you have visited, etc.

These data will strictly be used for internal purposes, namely in order for Blåkläder to study overall demographic data, behaviour and interests. It will allow Blåkläder to better tailor the website and its applications to the various needs and wishes of its visitors for it can thus better:

  • estimate its audience size and usage pattern;
  • store information about preferences and individual interests;
  • speed up searches; and
  • recognize you (anonymously) when you return to our site.

It is important to stress that, aside from remembering your settings on its website, Blåkläder uses the gathered data exclusively for web statistics in Google Analytics, which means that the data is only used in an aggregated manner and strictly for internal purposes. Blåkläder cannot identify you personally based on the gathered data.

Cookie summary

Name  Domain Content and purpose Valid
JSESSIONID identifies the user session session
__utma distinguishes users and sessions 2 years
__utma determines new sessions/visits 30 mins
__utma Not used in ga.js. Set for interoperability with urchin.js. session
__utma stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user reached the website 6 months


Google Analytics

More information about Google Analytics Tracking cookies

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